A pied of symphony yellow

Dappled in soft pale peach light 


My croak rumbled over the landscape 


A glimmer, a glisten in the night


Doused in a Tuscany tinge,

Confined to the shallows,

Suffocation begins.    


A whirlwind of sorrow laced with deepest regret

Sweet symphonies silenced. I just can't forget.


Soft scents engulfed, like my confined croak

The creep of consumption, my withering hope.


Rages of crimson, a blaze like a light in the dark

Parched to the bone, ebony black, a shallow heart.


The water my sanctuary,

As my hope blossoms out


A  pied of symphony yellow dappled in soft pale peach light 


l spring through the land, light streams through the trees

     As soft as the sky

A tangerine glow, a little flame grows


           This flame will not hurt, only help to revive.