Beneath me, the earth starts to tremble

The city’s crisis, crushed buildings and historic temples

I stand pondering when it will end

So, I can begin to heal and make amends

The ground trembles, and I stumble.  


I thought it was over, but it's just the start

People start to run, they think they’re smart

The many piles of earth

I run while that path I’m on gets unearthed

I see the ground spilt apart.


My instincts awaken, I launch myself over the gash in the ground

I lose my senses as I glance all around

I stumble into darkness, I experience harm

A sudden pull, a tear in my arm

Limping, someone tugging me along the town.


I start to see again I don’t know if I was dead,

I open my eyes to see the ground and my arm covered in blood red,

I feel someone taping me, it was my Savior,

He was screaming to himself I hate you nature you always have such a bad behaviour.

We sat there crying for help hiding the dread.