In nature's tapestry, a delicate thread,
Lies the story of creatures, our hearts should tread.
Threatened species, their existence at stake,
Their cries unheard, their future's opaque.


The mighty tiger, once roamed with grace,
Now battles for survival, in a shrinking space.
The gentle sea turtle, lost in plastic's tide,
Struggling to find a safe place to hide.


The majestic eagle, soaring high and free,
Now faces a world where its home may cease to be.
The wise old elephant, a symbol of strength,
Fights against poaching, a battle of great length.


The coral reefs, vibrant and alive,
Now bleached and dying, no longer thrive.
The polar bear, on melting ice it stands,
As climate change threatens its icy lands.


But hope remains, if we unite as one,
To protect these creatures, before they're gone.
Let's raise our voices, take action, and care,
For threatened species, a future we can share.