Happy in the sunshine but lonely in the rain,

how do we know we’re just their ghost,

every flower in the dark will feel a rainbow 

within their heart full of thoughts of the future.

The wind so slow slightly blows through the field,

find all the flowers for in your heart magical dust

will flow through your soul, life will be beautiful 

in your heart and the soul will allow the beauty

throughout the world.

Tears flow through the body as if you were a cactus,

life in plants flows one by one, as stones break

happiness grows, for when the world is dull flowers

blossom and bloom.

Laughter and joy is what flowers bring,

but in the field of the future sorrow and fear

are to be born, when hearts are broken 

flowers are joyful to all, when the world 

is broken believe Mother Nature 

will help all of us.