Alone by my window, I sit still like the day.

Watching, waiting, listening for someone to say,


“Lockdown’s over!” and we all shout hooray,

Gasping, cheering, screaming, but today’s not the day.


I wonder what it will be like, when the threat of death is gone?

How long do we have to wait before Covid says “Annyeong”?


You’ve had your moment, your 15 minutes of fame,

So do me a big favour and QUIT THIS TERRIBLE GAME!


But wait, what’s that sound? Has it all come to an end?

Pain, terror, sadness, is it gone like the wind?


Yes it is! Woohoo! The day’s finally here!

Where we get to have freedom and not be trapped with our fear.


We all can see the world and the people we love,

We can share funny stories, pull off the quarantine gloves.


Everyone is happy, please don’t ruin it for me,

Everything’s back to normal, and I’m once and for all free!