A stony face

A scanned but not read newspaper.

An idle town

An unsuspecting country, a continent, a world

A world that no one’s listening to.

The hum of change moistens the air.

Ghosts of the past haunt a place full of bricks, lumber, and mundane.

A place where a blueprint was drawn, where builders assembled

Where a naïve house was built, unbeknownst to the past.

If only they knew, if only people paid attention

If only, if only

If only a wind hadn’t pushed the ship the wrong way

If only the rough seas had persuaded the sailors to turn back.

If only, if only

A butterfly chain of events

When a bird flaps its wings, the world will then fall…

And when that day comes, people will wonder.

And finally, with destruction comes a devastating realisation.

The only way you can love is if you’ve lost.

And when the devastating realisation knocks their hearts through

If only, if only, they’ll say.