I feel the wind rush past me.
I zoom down the street on my great oversized bike.
I watch the trees pass by as I move faster and faster,
And the world around me is all drowned out.
I almost touch the sunset as the early stars start to appear.
I don’t want this amazing feeling to go,
The one that makes me feel like I can do anything.
I watch the cars become fewer and fewer, as the moon starts to light up the glittery night sky.
I see the fast-moving shadows of the sleek, stray, black cats moving discreetly behind the street lights.
I love my bike,
It helps me think,
I don’t ever want it to depart from me.
As I ride my bike up the road,
I watch the street lights slowly flicker on.
It’s time to go home but I don’t mind,
I’ve had a great day,
And now it’s time to put my bike away.