Sunshine and soft rain embraces you.

Moist forest floor, the air odorous of dew,

Stray wattles growing at the base of the forest floor,

Littered with tall, forest redgum trees by the moor.

Inhabited by uncountable animals who roam,

Sharing their amorous home.

Dark green leaves thrive in untouched nature,

A utopian sight to behold, for every creature.

Echoing melodies of birds chirp their morning symphony,

Their notes reminiscent of a piano harmony.

Sweet like kuta-bee honey, floating with no care,

Breathe in the crisp scent of bark, and fresh air.

Serenity echoes through the seemingly endless woods, so rare.

Delicately, the wind blows a gentle breeze through the willows,

Which sway beautifully, syncing through highs and lows.

Bronze-hued leaves fall softly onto the glassy lake and

Earthy scents and amber undertones of sand

Fill the air with an ethereal aroma of land.

The trees that rise into the horizon, never once bow down,

To anything aside from their master, the wind, never withdrawn.