Way up high in the leafy crown, Goeldi Monkeys hang upside down.

Marmosets spot sugary sap, and it comes out like a tap.

Squirrel Monkeys like to crunch, as they eat their picnic lunch.

Spider Monkeys stroke their babies' fur, and when they're done they peep and pur.

Howlers are the biggest monkeys, and they are ever so funky.

Tammer Monkeys spot a snack, and they found it in a crack.

Titis' tails curl up tight, as they're sleeping in the night.

Lengthy legs stretch with ease, as Spider Monkeys swing through trees.

Woolly Monkeys are in a hurry, running on branches as they scurry.

Squirrell Monkeys are very slick, they are also very quick.

Closer to the shady ground, Saki Monkeys leap and bound.

Many Monkeys are cool indeed, 

Thanks for listening little Monkeys.