As the sun rises from below

The light flashes before my eyes

The day flies by as the magpies and crows sing from above the gum trees

Sun shines upon the forest, when it finds itself with unforgiving clouds

Clouds pour the rain as it splodges and stains my clothes

Kids run towards shelter, as the rain bangs the covering roof

As we sit around the warming fire, the ashes run towards the unforgiving sky

As we run our hands together

Our teeth roughly chatter in the coldness

The rain slowly goes away

As the sunlight sets, the moon calls out to the animals of the night

Bats, owls and creatures of the night swoop from their rest

As the stars light up the dark black sky

Kids tiredly walk to their bedroom

The kids drift off into their dreams or nightmares

I sit near the red and orange and sing under stars.

This is my poem and this is my day.