A fading glint, below the falls,
captures my gaze and kills my remorse.

It draws me in, It warms my soul,
and creates a story that will forever be told.

My life roars around me, but its meaning still lost,
and my lonesome increases, until I grow old.

My stone, my stone, my purpose in life,
guiding me through, till I find my delight.
The only reason that I can go on,
is the thought of my purpose, my beautiful stone.

The godly voice that binds me to my stone,
hollers in my ear, until I go on.
And when I find it,
I'm heartedly glad, waiting for the moment it could possibly turn bad.

Smooth as the unperturbed ocean,
black as my parchment ink
and still its presence echoes, a loud and turbulent beat.

My lovely stone, below the falls, rises up and rests my fate.
Until now I've always been lost,
longing for freedom, and now I am free.