In mist-drenched mountains, veiled, whispers rise,

An enchanting sight, a hidden treasure's guise,

The red panda, grace, and charm intertwined,

In dwindling realms, let our voices be defined.


With nimble steps, it roams through nature's hold,

An acrobat of trees, its prowess, untold,

Its fiery fur, a symphony ablaze,

Russet hues ignite our wonder and amaze.


Through bamboo forests, whispers soft and light,

An ode to a spirit clinging to frail sight,

The red panda's plight, a resounding call,

To guard its haven, let our actions stand tall.


In perfect harmony, united we shall be,

With Earth's symphony, guardians of its plea,

A testament to beauty, wonder, and delight,

For generations to cherish, protect with all their might.


Let us stand as one, unwavering and true,

With love as our shield, our devotion, in view,

Embracing the red panda, eyes gleaming bright,

In this fragile world, a beacon of hope, our light.