Wading in the warmth of the kind blue
Buoyant, I float, caressed by soft hands
Breath heard in her voice and in my body, held still
Waning shoreline, horizons expand
She, who bears the biggest responsibility, to sustain our Earth.
Alluring, her eyes, mesmerizingly true
Fluency, in her movements, the rings and ripples in her skin break through
Underwater spotlights like sun-kissed freckles
She, who never asks in return, for all that is taken to be repaid.
They say, that: “水滴石穿” (shui di shi chuan)
“Droplets of water are enough to cut through stone”
Though her forces may churn, her arms wrestle and brawl,
Though cracks and lines appear when her blows land
Though her magenta bruises bloom like coral wallowing on sand
She, who carries the most pressure of all, calms in the wake of hardship and pain.
For each beat of her heart, each vein of current that pumps life.
The warmth in her bones, the hum of the tremors
Every sentence spoken, every word from her lips in the wind
She, of many names: Ocean, Sea, Water.
她,海洋,是我们的生命。She, the sea, is our life.