With big dreams and head up high,
I heave my wings toward the sky.
I catch a slow warm upward draft,
I am a pilotless aircraft.

With the sky above and ocean below,
My wings catch swell and the wind starts to blow.
I feel cold wind ruffle my feathers,
I am flying off to uncharted treasures.

When I am flying high I feel free,
As worries are dropped off behind me.
Flying far, free of tethers,
Moving towards rougher weathers.

The wind whips round my face and beak,
The feeling is none other than unique.
The rain lashes down as I reach speeds unspoken,
And yet still my will has not been broken.

And once my wings are tired I rest,
In what you could call my nest.
And while I sleep no one shall cross,
For I am the mighty albatross.