Deep inside the woods, a deer with a grin,

Her young chased each other, occasionally nibbling playfully at their mother.

Slightly annoyed, she avoids those feelings,

Always remaining calm and happy, her children reminding her never be snappy.

The forest, a wonderland of trees so tall,

Their leaves rustled and whispered with every windfall.

Majestic oaks, their branches reaching high,

Providing shelter for birds and deer at night.

When they finished playing, the young ones displayed signs of tiredness.

The warm sun shone through the oak leaves, stroking their fur with its brightness.

It was almost like a spell, as they fell deeply asleep, clear to see they were at peace.

For a while, the trees swayed in the breeze, the deer's children sleeping calmly and at ease.

A leaf fell, shaking the forest realm, and they were well-rested at last.

They resumed their journey through the forest.