The symbol of patience, the token of death, 

The vulture will make you hold your last breath, 

With its talons like nails, and its beak like a knife, 

One strike, and you’re on your last life. 


Eyes like an eagle, it searches for its prey, 

It spreads its menacing feathers as it paves the way, 

Readying its grip, it goes in for the kill, 

Swipes its prey with its unique skill. 


Blood dripping like venom from head to toe, 

It flies onwards and onwards above and below, 

With its head held high and its chest puffed out in pride,

The vulture soars to the skies and it struts and strides.


As the guardian of the world and the owner of the lands, 

The vulture smirks with honour as it takes its stand, 

Here in the world, as the symbol between heaven and hell, 

The vulture is a beast who opposes and rebels.