Striped like the dark of night.
Striped like the colour of the blaze,
bright as day.
He is the savanna hunter,
lurking in the grass.
Learning the ways of the hunt,
the prey unaware.
Sleeping soundly,
protecting its young.
Teaching the young,
My tiger, of the grasslands.

This poem was awarded First Place (Primary) for Poetry Object 2015

Judge's Notes:
"This poem reminds me of Blake’s ‘Tyger, tyger burning bright/ through the forests of the night’, not only because it is about a tiger, but also because it has that poem’s combination of musicality and memorable imagery. This is a wonderful poem to read aloud. Its subtle use of repetition and its sudden short lines make it emphatic and exciting. And what a striking beginning! ‘Striped like the dark of night./ Striped like the colour of the blaze’: these similes work individually but they take their power from the way they also work together. This is one of those descriptions, alive with paradox and wonder, which make readers see something new. This is a poem of great confidence, control and flair."
~Lisa Gorton