A hole is dug out and a coffin laid inside,
I sit above, cemented in the soil, guarding the beloved soul,
They think I can not see, cannot feel,
Every day she comes to visit,
Kneeling in front of me, she whispers,
“If you can hear me mum, I love you” and she leaves a single daisy,
I watch her walk away, a child of about 6,
I feel it when she cries, and when she’s angry,
I see her into her soul, she’s disappearing, fading away,
Slowly the years pass and I watch her grow older, taller, more distant,
I grow old too,
Moss creeps up my sides and ivy tangles itself around my body,
Suddenly I’m ripped out of the ground and taken to a shop,
It burns when they engrave a second epitaph into my skin,
When I’m placed back I’m sitting on top of two souls instead of one,
I see her once more but this time it’s different, I’m dreaming,
I watch her become reunited with her mum, shes a little girl again,
She’s in the second coffin, I know she is,
I trace the words engraved into me,
Loved by many, our dear daughter Madison was taken too soon. She is laid to rest.