A furry coat, nimble paws,
a thin white tail, experienced claws.

This marsupial builds long tunnelled burrows,
in amongst the red dirt furrows.

His keen sense of smell helps sniff out a meal,                                        
and he’s caught whiff of a grub, which has great appeal.

He scratches at the dirt to reveal his prize,
but something else flickers in the corners of his eyes.

An unwanted guest is slinking around,
and our small mammal presses close to the ground.

A yowling blur leaps from behind a tree,
a big feral cat, hissing loud as can be.

The little bilby kicks and thrashes,
getting away with a few minor gashes.

Lucky this time, he scampers back to his home,
safe for now, but too fearful to roam.
His kind are declining at a rather quick pace,                  
and saving this species has turned into a race.

We know his future is in our hands.
It’s up to us to respond to these demands.