I peered anxiously through the trees,

Who were they and what were they doing?


Huge noisy machines,
That ripped the land apart.
I crept noiselessly through the trees,
Until I had reached my colony.
I strained my big eyes through the darkness,
Until I found my sister Merm.
As I scuttled over to her,
"They're destroying the ash forest! " I yelled.
Merm looked at me comically,
"Don't you understand?" I shouted.
"They're gonna kill us, wipe us off the planet!" 
"It's okay," Merm assured me.
"They're only logging to the road, not any farther."
She whispered, rubbing her little hands together.
"Whew," I let out a deep breath,
We were safe here, afterall.
Victoria's faunal emblem,
The Leadbeater's possum are we.