Interstellar peace,       catharsis by proxy;

a quiet juxtaposition, mimicking the galaxy’s          distance.

  Rocking waves lulling me to   sleep,

Perplexing lullaby love, sung from    bottomless   water.


Melancholy desire: a loyal incentive

inhabiting the Ocean       depths,

         entrancing me to go as far as the Mariana Trench,

where, even as I drown,        I would fly.


Enticing sleep, slowing heartbeat,

       holding my breath and diving deep,

entering a happiness with the creatures beneath-

                                 Sitting low and still in the moment.


Vivace love, aged coral;     greying yet smiling.

Colour     embracing me within the blue,

      And colour    farewelling me,

          As time and heat scares away its truth.


Assiduous wonder,             coastal devotion

  For the water surrounding, ever growing with me.

          Youth-born love, becoming mature appreciation

                  Of the Ocean’s loving proximity.