The leaves fell just as often as rain pitter-pattering on the ground. 

Fungi glowing in the nooks all around, the rain rolled off a singular crisp leaf. 

All that could be heard was the crack of crispy bark on the elegant eucalyptus. 

The sound of Carnaby's squawked in the canopy as a gumnut hit the ground. 

The bitter hazy air gloomed all around in the mysterious forest. 

The sun gave a luminous crackle as the warm summer easterly blew.  

The snap of twigs sent an echo to the micro bugs under the soil.  

A snake slithered past preying on a small skink hiding in the leaf litter.  

The venom slipped into its arteries and veins and gushed into its brain. 

The wind went to a dull lull and stopped just as suddenly as the rain started. 

A creek trickled water through the mossy rocks and reeds. 

A rock wallaby bounding along the rocks, stops to look at me. 

And the gulp of a catfish comes to the surface for a gasp of air. 

The frogs croaked on the lily pad's buoyant green top. 

And a singular gumnut fell from the tree.