No bigger than a walnut,
Framed in a tiny slice of weathered glass
Cork back pressing it to the screen
I look at you through the pane.

Sugar cube fence stacked
Beside a blotchy mushroom forest,
Cold apples
Cold sheep nose minty grass
Along a thin black fence
In the pale afternoon,
Red roofed castle hides
Its secrets among the
Trees reaching
Across the watery sky.

I see your eyes in the blue bicycle.

Your teeth in the gate cackling laughter and
Sweet apple stains from forest adventures.
Pale sheep, your soft side
Guarded by a thin black fence
I hop over it and touch their fur
Cold fingertips nervous across you in the pale afternoon
Breaking down the castle
I lift the red roof and peak at the secrets
Hidden in the attic
I reach for you
Your tears
The watery sky.