There is a beating against what was
Sit still in silence. In silence!
It shatters, falls apart, crumbles at your touch.
My sneakers the blue ones. Yes. You know the pair
Under the umbrella in the rain - white socks blue
I remember each moment each day. Mind a memory, memory a map. There is a beat,
in time with shoes against the concrete
And the mess of flesh in this hollow body
Like waves tearing at the shore shoes tearing at the gravel words tearing at the heart.
Against the concrete against it all. Pushing and pulling and pushing away.
I'll retreat raise my flag, white. Taunt with the wind.
So many lost so many drowned, we walk on, beaten back by time. TIME! Undo it please.
Untie the flimsy laces of the clock. Let it unravel,
Let my shoes walk me back. Blue socks white -
Rain the in, umbrella the under.
Let it unravel, shatter and crumble. There is a beating.