I turn carbon into oxygen

while more fumes buffer around me

I am angry you see so angry as cars breakdown;

coal burns and I am left there to battle and drown.

I drown in the fumes that are endless

and instantly turn sightless to what was once green and non-scentless.


A year and two goes by

and I am still there tired and bare,

my leaves are brown, and most have died

but I hold on to the little hope I have and bide,

staying there waiting leafless then bare.


Wind and rain battle against me the

fuel fumes feel hard like blocks.

My one last flowering bud drops down

and it seems all hope is lost.

I wake up one day to a blaze of red,

debris and dread.


Hope is gone, trees are dead

till splat waterfalls and fire stops it’s spread.

Fossils fuels are bad for us,

the environment and plus

it’s polluting the world, habitats

and the formats of the world inside them.


The fuels are polluting the ocean and seas

so why can’t we stop with that and use the breeze.

Wind power is great but limited and

while we create more that all seems a waste

so, please help abate.


There are so many problems in nature right now

with deforestation so please disallow

this problem and many others.

If I had a druther I would stop with oil and boiling the fuels,


I am not saying that you should stop now

but please disallow

and contribute just a little

to help the trees

and life within a certain degree.