When I look out my window, I see concrete and cars with overgrown vines,

they all need some attention.

I see a granny flat with junk in it, where no one lives.


The neighbour’s garden, water tanks, and palm trees,

A tropical city space amongst the urban life where I live.


I stare outside and the sun is hurting my eyes through my pane of glass,

The sun is very bright to me.

Blinding bright light, I stay inside with my blinds shut.

My room is my inner sanctuary where all my interests are held.


When I venture out to walk with my Nanna, it brings a somewhat calming,

Out wandering from park to park.

The parks have swings and climbing equipment,

There is also a stray cat. A cat that we like to call Snub.


At dusk, we walk from the park to the local 7-11, treated to a steaming hot chocolate.

The cold night’s breath, sipping on my warm drink,

I slowly breathe out,

Breathe in,

Breathe out.