Generations of trauma, trickling through the leak

Eighty thousand years are fighting every week

Now’s the final hour, the world awaits your change,

yet you grip tightly the chains, and flick right through our pain


But I am here and so are they, my Old people they see you

They wouldn’t dare return in flesh if it meant they had to be you

So we stand strong and lift the voice of one another’s soul,

and breathe in our Country air to bring us back to whole


First Nations united, from here to brother Nils

My love comes from a learning of what was and always will,

I am we and we are they and they are here to stay

Those before will speak of lore, forever in your way


Generations of knowledge

Destroyed by broken systems

And ancestral persistence

Is now the only inheritance

Our descendants are gifted

Stick It to the man

Taking without permission

Tearing up our lands

For a capitalistic mission

But we will not move

To satisfy their greedy ambitions

And our mere existence

Is our greatest resistance

Stand your ground and stay in position

And never forget this

You are supported by millions

Of brothers and sisters

Ready to offer assistance

Centuries of assimilation

Extinguished nations

An age full of shame

Driven insane

Thousands of lives

Paid for the pain

But it’s a different time now

And maybe It’ll change?

Well, it’s twenty twenty two

Still hard to wash off

Whatever stains of racism remain


Identity by DOBBY and SlinCraze