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Poetry Object – Inspire, Create, Publish!

Poetry and Creative Writing Workshop presented by The Red Room Company and facilitated by ELB Education

Join Lilly Blue as she leads your classroom in an immersive poetry writing workshop that takes inspiration from special talismanic objects. This free workshop forms part of Australasia’s largest poetry writing competition, with over $10,000 in prizes on offer for students, teachers and schools. Students will be automatically entered into the running and the written outcomes from this workshop will be published online. 

Session Date and Time

4 August 2016
9.30 to 11.00 am (1.5 hours) 


  • Bilambil Public School
  • Pacific Lutheran College   
  • Stockdale Road Primary School 
  • Wakehurst Public School 


Free for ELB customers | Register Here »

Poetry Object

Red Room Poetry Object is a poetry writing competition inviting young writers and their teachers from across Australia and New Zealand to submit poems about 'talismanic' objects that are special to them. Red Room Poetry Object is open to students in grades 3-10 and their teachers.... Learn more »

Curriculum Outcomes for Students

Year 3 (ACELA1475) (ACELT1596) (ACELT1598) (ACELT1600) (ACELY1676) (ACELY1678) (ACELY1679) (ACELT1791) (ACELY1792) (ACELY1683) 
Year 4 (ACELT1602) (ACELT1603) (ACELT1605) (ACELT1606) (ACELT1607) (ACELT1606) (ACELY1690) (ACELY1695) 
Year 5 (ACELA1512) (ACELT1608) (ACELT1610) (ACELT1611) (ACELY1704) (ACELY1705) (ACELT1798) 
Year 6 (ACELA1518) (ACELA1520) (ACELT1614) (ACELT1615) (ACELT1617) (ACELT1618) (ACELY1714)(ACELT1617) (ACELT1618) (ACELA1523) (ACELA1525) (ACELT1618) (ACELY1714) (ACELY1715) (ACELT1800) (ACELY1717) 

Additional Information

Once registered, The Red Room Company will send through supporting resources and instructions for the workshop. This event requires teachers to bring in a special object to write about.

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