Gusts of wind clears Country’s throat
Filtering creeks are Ancient stones

that mirror history,
reach deeper

~ Dakota Feirer from 'Mosaic of Secrets'

winding paths intertwine like water vines
Our winding lives on glass hammocks
~ Dakota Feirer from 'Mosaic of Secrets'

Shedding light on the vital role that plants have in our lives with Wollongong Botanic Garden.

On Botanic Gardens Day (Sunday 30 May 2021), Red Room Poetry and Wollongong Botanic Garden joined forces to celebrate the power of plants and the important work of conserving them for future generations.

As part of festivities at the Garden, we invited Bundjalung-Gumbayngirr man and POEM FOREST poet, Dakota Feirer to share new poetry on a panel with Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis and our POEM FOREST partner, Georgina Reid (The Planthunter).

Check out the replay of the live stream to learn about the impact of the environment on our wellbeing, what we can do to hep preserve ecosystems and hear Dakota's poem (1:25).