they stared at you in doll
solemnity their thick eyelashes
didn’t seem to care as they filled
up with ants –
~ joanne burns from 'sand'

An educational boxed-set of poetry cards, containing forty colourful cards featuring original poems by contemporary Australian poets drawn from the archive of works commissioned by Red Room Poetry.

Each card is a creative writing activity designed to inspire new poems and imaginations of all ages.

Produced by Red Room Poetry in collaboration with Corban and Blair, Poems to Share features prominent Australian poets, such as joanne burns, Kate Fagan and Emily Ballou, alongside the poetry of young and emerging writers.

Readings and recordings of poets featured in the set were captured at the Sydney Writers' Festival event launching Poems to Share. The cards and activities also sparked Red Room Poetry's Stacks project and creation of the Analogue Crusader animation in partnership with City of Sydney Libraries. 

Articles about Poems to Share as a learning resource support the use of the cards within primary and secondary classrooms.
* mETAphor: 'Poems to Share: strategies for using the work of contemporary Australian poets in the secondary English classroom'

Supporters and Partners

  • Corban & Blair