poetry threads.png

Each thread is its own story
every woman woven
is first a lonely particle
~ Candy Royalle from 'Threading Battle Lines'

The lady and the unicorn medieval tapestries have long inspired writers, from George Sand to Rainer Maria Rilke.

As part of the exhibition of these rare works, the Art Gallery of NSW and Red Room Poetry collaborated to create Poetic Threads.

The project expanded the literary association with the tapestries by commissioning three new poetic responses from celebrated performers Mirrah, Candy Royalle and Scotty WingsPoetic Threads was performed as part of four 'sold out' shows during the Sydney Writers' Festival 2018. 

This mini documentary captures a unique project that united contemporary poetry and medieval art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in May-June 2018. Poetic threads featured celebrated performers Mirrah, Candy Royalle and Scotty Wings performing newly-commissioned poetic pieces live in the exhibition The Lady and the Unicorn.