When the elements around are clear
We look at each other and realise we are here
It's pleasing to be around those who are dear
When they're around us it leaves us without any fear
Uplifting fantasies of how life used to be

We create the balance for how we wish to see
Sometimes in mind we can lose the light
It's like the lightning comes down with a force

As the elements change, the air goes so tight
Losing our breath it delivers great fright
As I deepen my breath
And clear my chest,
the oxygen flows
and puts the stress to rest

as i close my eyes and take a big stretch
i analyse without my eyes
Put a stop when i feel the threat

I Earth to give me stability
Wind changes my direction of thought - from fragility, to harness my greater powers within
Fire warns me, before walking into traps
Water is my Goddess, my mother, my strength and clarity, she is everything, she rebirths my soul

see what's around me without looking