Celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day with our free resources

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This year, we're recognising Indigenous Literacy Day (Wednesday 1 September 2021) by elevating the words and languages of First Nations artists on this continent and beyond. Through the power of storytelling, poetry offers new ways for us to connect and to break down barriers that prevent connection.

From our Guwayu – For All Times anthology to our six Fair Trade collaborations, woven across lands and seas for Poetry Month 2021, Red Room Poetry has engaged a diversity of poets, artists and language custodians to create new poetry that enhances multilingual literacy education and improves the lives and literacy of young First Nations people.

Indigenous Literacy Day is celebrated annually and organised by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Discover and share these First Nations literacy resources to help support literary opportunities for First Nations storytellers (of all ages) living in central, remote and isolated regions.


  • Guwayu-Red Room Poetry-hero-1365 × 670

    Guwayu – For All Times

    Guwayu – For All Times is a fiercely uncensored collection featuring 63 poems from First Nations poets in 12 First Nations languages commissioned by Red Room Poetry.
  • Fair Trade-Image-Red Room Poetry-Hoy Harjo and Ali Cobby Eckermann-Poets

    Fair Trade 2021

    Poetic conversations between First Nations poets
  • Power through Poetry- red Room Poetry-Australian Museum-Abram Powell.png

    Power through Poetry

    Children are invited to go deeper into the themes of Unsettled by reflecting on the poetry of First Nations artists and responding in their own words with the Australian Museum.
  • Ali Cobby Eckermann-Inside my Mother-HSC resource-banner

    Ali Cobby Eckermann: HSC English Resource

    A series of videos where Ali Cobby Eckermann shares her perspectives on writing and language as a way to help students and teachers connect with her poetry.