Highlights From the Archives: Our Most Read Poems of 2022

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Every year, Red Room Poetry publishes a range of dazzling poetry from some of the most talented writers in Australia. Take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the most read poems of 2022.

  1. Mother by Kirli Saunders
    An evocative celebration of land and belonging, shared as part of The Eucalyptus Eco-Poetry Project.
  2. Your Terrorist by Ali Alizadeh
    A defiant and empowered piece – the accompanying reading from Ali himself is a must-listen.
  3. Tracks Wind Back by Jeanine Leane
    A breathtaking psychogeographic mapping of Gundagai, shared as part of The Disappearing.
  4. Mid-Autumn Mooncakes by Eileen Chong
    A sensory portal through time and space. As well as watching Eileen's reading, check out Alex Lee reading the poem as part of the 2022 National Poetry Month Gala here.
  5. O Australia by Jeanine Leane
    A powerful and eye-opening reflection on the state of the nation, told in prose poetry.
  6. Night Vision (while we sleep) by Luke Patterson
    A stunning evocation of the world that comes to life as we sleep, shared as part of POEM FOREST.
  7. Silhouette by Laniyuk
    A tender recount of the whispers shared between people and trees, shared as part of POEM FOREST.
  8. Stutter by Evelyn Araluen
    A sensual piece that approaches its subject through both image and form.
  9. Makes You Stronger by Nina Oyama
    An incisive and humorous excavation of the self – Nina’s accompanying reading is a must-watch!
  10. The School Teacher by Elizabeth Allen
    A powerful reflection on ambitions and their erosion, shared as part of Toilet Doors Poetry.
  11. The Great Displaced by Omar Musa
    A moving journey through memory and place, shared as part of The Disappearing.