One day you’ll see

How far I’ve come

But I won’t to be near you,

I’ll be long gone.


You had your chance

And took it for granted

Like a seed that has to be planted. 

Easy come, easy go. 

I just have to learn to let go. 

The anchor of pain

Lingers through me


“Like fire on a rock”

running water traveling far 

A mountain standing high

The rain and the snow 

Like fire on a rock, I will go. 


“Gili Ganbi Wallangurrajaangga” 

Bunnada Waalgmarre Warri 

Warrajaang Dharmarre Mirrir 

Bunnajang Goonamajaangpa

Gili Ganbijaang Wallangurajaangga Yenda  Ngiagaang