Fair Trade First Nations poetic conversations

Reciprocity beats at the heart of Fair Trade – collaborating to write other worlds. Created by Red Room Poetry and led by producer Anne-Marie Te Whiu, Fair Trade invites some of the world’s leading First Nations poets to weave words across lands and seas, gathering collaborative threads and shining a light on First Nations poetry from Australia and across the globe.

By anchoring the project in relationality, Fair Trade’s foundation is about how we connect with each other and what we are prepared, as First Nation artists, to offer and receive. During the initial six setup-zooms the emphasis of those meetings wasn’t about outcomes. Rather, the focus was about (re)generating poetic First Nations bonds – solidarity, consensus, family, land, oceans, the moon, remembering, dreaming, sharing, opening, mourning, respect, celebrating, finding, losing, healing and more healing.

Fair Trade encourages First Nations digital collaboration, communication and connection as something which is borderless. Inviting and supporting poets to work together creatively only via digital platforms and across their various international places of residence. More collaborating poets will be announced throughout the year. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to receive newly published poems.

Partners and Supporters