This vital force, carried in skin                                  
and within, a genesis of sacred stories
yarns like blood through our veins 
~ Nicole Smede from 'Bunada language', the Writing Water chapbook

Elevating the visibility and accessibility of contemporary Australian poetry via cultural placemaking.

Poetic Moments published poems in unexpected spaces – from mangrove boardwalks to parks, zoos, hoardings, and on trains and ferries.

Embracing multiple languages, inventive platforms and artforms, Poetic Moments creates opportunities for all audiences to engage, respond and reflect via poetic provocations and partnerships that connect people and place through poetry. 

"Our collaboration with Red Room Poetry has allowed us to move beyond a purely European ‘didactic panel’ approach to site interpretation, and to enhance a wonderful piece of infrastructure – the new Badu Mangroves Boardwalk – through a poetic re-visioning of this extraordinary space."

~ Tony Nesbitt, Manager, Arts and Culture, Sydney Olympic Park

  • Guwayu-Red Room Poetry-hero-1365 × 670

    Guwayu – For All Times

    Guwayu – For All Times is a fiercely uncensored collection featuring 63 poems from First Nations poets in 12 First Nations languages commissioned by Red Room Poetry.
  • Writing Water-Chapbook on ferry-Amelia Theodorakis-Image-Red Room Poetry-Preview images 880 x 420.png

    Writing Water: Rain, River, Reef

    Writing Water: Rain, River, Reef project joins celebrated poets and public submissions to look below the surface and reimagine our essential relationships with water.
  • Shadow catchers-Poets-Red Room Poetry-AGNSW

    Shadow catchers

    Adopting the mirror as a metaphoric device and the echo as a visual conceit, Shadow catchers offers a playful portrait of photographic doubling.
  • Poetry_On_The_Block-Red_Room_Poetry_GcGPGD7.png

    Poetry on The Block

    Poetry on The Block brings poetry to the streets and celebrates creativity, self-expression, the buzz of community and the energy kindled within a cityscape.
  • New Shoots Garden of poems-Red Room Poetry-Image

    New Shoots: A Garden of Poems

    Poems inspired by plants to deepen our creative and cultural connections with nature.
  • Busbacks_Gungundurra_2019_1_pDH0dcg.jpg.860x410_q85_crop_Kz8xrvo.jpg

    First Nations student poetry on buses 2019

    Students publish Poetry in First Languages on bus backs to raise environmental awareness.
  • Badu Mangrove boardwalk New Shoots

    Muru Nanga Mai – Dreaming Track

    Lorna Munro's poems find a permanent home embedded in the Badu Mangroves Boardwalk in Sydney Olympic Park.
  • Yala gari

    Yala Gari – Street Banners

    In collaboration with City of Sydney, Red Room Poetry's Poetic Moments project published the poems on street banners throughout Redfern.
  • New Shoots-Victoria-Red Room Poetry-Trams

    New Shoots: Poems on Melbourne Trams

    Melbourne's trams are adorned with a breath of imaginative greenery, inviting audiences to explore the New Shoots poems now permanently planted in the Gardens.

Partners and Supporters

  • Australia Council for the Arts

  • Copyright Agency Cultural Fund

  • City of Sydney

  • Billy Blue Creative