Always Was, Always Will Be

Red Room Poetry news

Red Room is dedicated to amplifying First Nations voices through poetic projects led by and created in collaboration with Elders, custodians and communities, celebrating, sharing and preserving knowledge of First Nations languages and culture.

First Nations Projects

  • Guwayu-Red Room Poetry-hero-1365 × 670

    Guwayu – For All Times

    Guwayu – For All Times is a fiercely uncensored collection featuring 63 poems from First Nations poets in 12 First Nations languages commissioned by Red Room Poetry.
  • Fair Trade artwork featuring Lucy Simpson

    Fair Trade

    Fair Trade invites some of the world’s leading First Nations poets to weave words across lands and seas, gathering collaborative threads from Australia and across the globe.
  • Power through Poetry- red Room Poetry-Australian Museum-Abram Powell.png

    Power through Poetry

    Children are invited to go deeper into the themes of Unsettled by reflecting on the poetry of First Nations artists and responding in their own words with the Australian Museum.
  • Badu Mangrove boardwalk New Shoots

    Muru Nanga Mai – Dreaming Track

    Lorna Munro's poems find a permanent home embedded in the Badu Mangroves Boardwalk in Sydney Olympic Park.
  • Aunty Lauren Chapman Carpenter - Web Header_.png


    With support from the Australia Council Re-imagine: Sector Recovery Initiatives fund, we’ve been working with Elders and Custodians across Yuin Country to come together to heal Country and community through poetry and planting.